Empowering Partners and Customers with Open Architecture

CELLocity Private Wireless Network solutions are based on open architectures and flexible platform choices which empowers Partners and Customers to be able to control their network destiny.

CELLocity Core

CELLocity provides a broad choice of Private Wireless Network core solutions to address any technical or business model requirement

Subscription Private Core

CELLocity Packet Core aaS is a dedicated, single-tenant core network for private wireless networking. This solution empowers customers to have complete control over their core infrastructure without the upfront capital expenditure required for a private core solution. Best of all, it is a fully managed solution operated on your behalf.

Subscription Shared Core

CELLocity Mobility Network aaS is a shared, multi-tenant core network subscription service to facilitate the customer's Private Wireless Network. This solution offers cost savings, quick deployment, and flexibility. Best of all, it is a fully managed solution operated on your behalf.

Customer Owned Private Core

CELLocity Standalone Core is a dedicated, single-tenant core network for private wireless connectivity. This solution gives customers complete control of their core infrastructure to customize it to their specific needs. Customers may operate the network or choose CELLocity to operate it.

CELLocity Edge

CELLocity offers Private Wireless Network edge solutions for either traditional MEC or cloud edge deployments

Onsite MEC

The traditional onsite Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) solution brings compute, storage and networking capabilities closer to the end user devices. It is ideal for use cases where low latency is critical or where the application workload must reside at the edge. CELLocity has partnered with key MEC hardware and software vendors to deliver a turn-key solution that our partners can leverage.

Cloud Edge

CELLocityE is a cloud edge solution that enables compute, storage, and networking capabilities to be placed at the edge within a public cloud. It is ideal for use cases that require application workloads to be flexible and distributed across multiple locations.


CELLocity offers wholesale RAN components sourced from best-of-breed radio manufacturers that are right-sized for current and future requirements of the Private Wireless Network


4G & 5G


Base Stations






CELLocity Devices & Endpoints

CELLocity provides one-stop wholesale shopping for CBRS-certified devices and network endpoints to ensure easy onboarding and full integration with the Private Wireless Network

  • Routers, Gateways & Bridges
  • Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops & Handhelds
  • SIMs
  • Dongles & Adaptors

CELLocity Services

We know each customer's Private Wireless Network journey is different. Our service offerings lets you be as hands-on or as hand-off as you like. But regardless of which service you choose, CELLocity's flexibility lets you transition from one service to another at any time while leveraging the same hardware, licenses, SIMs and RAN to safeguard your investment

Network Design

Provisioning and Integration

Core Operator Service

Edge Operator Service

RAN Operator Service

Device Provisioning

Monitoring and Maintenance

The CELLocity Advantage

  • Interoperation between best-of-breed and right-sized equipment
  • No proprietary hardware or software
  • Support for virtually any business model or deployment strategy
  • Easily scales for additional bandwidth, users or devices
  • Evolve ownership and operation models without change to infrastructure